1 hour Custom Massage


1 hour Thai Massage


Available Black Friday only!!
However if you can’t make it in that day, we can send you an invoice to your email. You can pay it and we will have the cards here to pick up anytime you want. Just fill out the form below and let us know how many gift cards you would like.

Terms and conditions

1. May buy 1 for yourself and up to 5 more as gift for others.

2. Card will be activated and ready to use on December 1st

3. Only one card may be used
Per person. May use 1 Custom massage and 1 Thai massage gift card

4. If you receive multiple gift cards as gifts, 1 will cover the full hour and additional cards will only be worth the amount paid.

5. The amount paid never expires.

6. The promotional value will expire and the cards need to be used by April 30th 2019 to cover the full hour.

7. The card must be present at the time of check out.

  • Massage Customs

    Massage Customs

    139 reviews
  • Donna M.

    Donna M.

    I enjoyed a 90-minute Full-Body Deep Tissue / Hot Stone Massage from Michael.  He worked on every inch across my back, & other tight areas.

    Massage Customs is in the 2nd row of buildings in Scottsdale Plaza.  Everything looks & smells new, though Michael opened the business 4 years ago.  The decor & ambiance were pleasing to me.  My room was comfy & well appointed.  

    My friend had a Deep Tissue from Michelle & said she was awesome as well.  Go try it!
  • Scott J.

    Scott J.

    They tailored the massage to exactly what I needed, which was a Sports Massage, and done very well. The service was very friendly too.
  • Ana D.

    Ana D.

    O.M.G. Yes, you're left speechless after receiving a back massage from the therapists here. I've always had a fear of getting a professional back massage due to a bad experience I've had in the past. It's been five years since I had a professional massage and THIS PLACE WAS AMAZING! GOOD BYE FEAR! Thank you to my loving bf for surprising me and taking me here

    Michelle was my massage therapist and she's the best and kindest person ever! I'd give here a 20/10!!! You can tell she's well educated just by how she provided information about pregnancies and massages; she was sincere and very caring. Before starting she had asked questions about my pregnancy and made sure I was comfortable. She didn't want to stress me or my baby. I appreciated her kindness and thoughtfulness.

    Throughout the massage experience, I was completely comfortable and relaxed. We shared many stories which made me feel a lot more safe compared to other massage places I've been to. She made sure I was in a comfy position every time she had me switch positions and she was extremely careful. She provided pillows for me, asked if coconut oil was ok for her to use, the room had a nice citrus smell (she also told me certain oils can't be used during pregnancy which was an interesting fact I didn't know), the sheets smelled and looked clean (which is a plus because I love me some clean sheets), and the music and lighting were perfect! She even provided water and told me to drink lots of water for the next at least 3 days to help avoid feeling sore. Sometimes after massages people can feel sore and that's because the pressure used may have been too hard for your body to handle esp for someone who hasn't gone in forever. That was also a nifty idea to keep in mind 🙂

    Overall, my love and I had a lovely experience! A great way to start your day. As you walk in, it smelled of relaxing oil. The staff members were all friendly and used a calming voice. They asked if we wanted water or had to use the restroom and If you do have to go, they'll walk you to the restroom. The place was clean and they were all kind professionals.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ONE OF THE BEST RELAXING EXPERIENCES EVER!!! I will come back esp after pregnancy! Thank you Michelle for getting rid of my fear and being the best of the best! I had a fun time chatting with you and having you take care of me and Máiley.  much appreciated.
  • Andrea L.

    Andrea L.


    My  niece and I went on New Years Eve Day - and from the moment we walked in to the time I spent waiting in the lobby for my niece's massage to finish I felt welcomed.

    Great vibe and even better massage!
  • Brandi G.

    Brandi G.

    I called in desperate need for a massage. I was blessed to get Heather. I was so nervous to try a new place, but she immediately made me feel comfortable. She takes the time to make sure you are getting the best massage that is tailored for your needs. I highly suggest Heather.. very professional and you get your money's worth. The location is clean and very relaxing!!
  • Judy L.

    Judy L.

    Went yesterday to see Michael and had an hour and a half massage....What a wonderful experience I had that I know has already made all the time since and I know for a long time will make my goal experience of having no pain come to reality....

    He was patient with me wanting only certain areas covered and very amazing in making them all better as I walked out....

    He listened to my every need and because of that I am still smiling and look forward to the next days ahead because of his help in determining where I needed to be healed....

    Excellent therapist and massage experience!
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