1 hour Custom Massage


1 hour Thai Massage


Available Black Friday only!!
However if you can’t make it in that day, we can send you an invoice to your email. You can pay it and we will have the cards here to pick up anytime you want. Just fill out the form below and let us know how many gift cards you would like.

Terms and conditions

1. May buy 1 for yourself and up to 5 more as gift for others.

2. Card will be activated and ready to use on December 1st

3. Only one card may be used
Per person. May use 1 Custom massage and 1 Thai massage gift card

4. If you receive multiple gift cards as gifts, 1 will cover the full hour and additional cards will only be worth the amount paid.

5. The amount paid never expires.

6. The promotional value will expire and the cards need to be used by April 30th 2019 to cover the full hour.

7. The card must be present at the time of check out.

  • Massage Customs

    Massage Customs

    122 reviews
  • Ether W.

    Ether W.

    This is the best place you'll find in the valley!  The establishment is beautiful, serene, clean, and professional.  All the staff members are very caring and genuine.  Michael is the best therapist you'll find anywhere - very down to earth and hard working small-business owner.  He is very knowledgeable in the art and you can tell by the way he works your problem areas and muscles.  He is very thorough and takes time to listen and figure out how to customize the massage specifically for your needs.  He never rushes your session and is very passionate about the healing process of massages.  We've tried a dozen of other places but nothing compares to Massage Customs.  We've been coming for about 3+ years now and love this place!!  A must try!!
  • Melissa G.

    Melissa G.

    I enjoyed every second of my 90 minute, and I do mean 90 minute massage. Letti was awesome and I would be happy to go back to her anytime.
  • Danika Z.

    Danika Z.

    Walking in to a very cute and cozy environment. Today I had my massage done by Michael, and I can honestly say that was hands down the best massage I have ever gotten. He made me feel super relaxed and comfortable. I have a lot of knots in my lower back and Michael was able to dissolve them away. He really knows all the pressure points. I left feeling so great. I can't wait to schedule my next appointment!
  • Stephanie S.

    Stephanie S.

    If you see a sign for "Flawless Silhouettes Wellness Spa," you're in the right place. I spent five minutes walking around the building looking for "Massage Customs." Don't do that!

    Laying on a table naked is vulnerable in any situation, but a massage is an especially intimate experience. Finding a spa that I feel comfortable in and masseuses that I trust are extremely important to me.

    This spa was extremely clean and elegantly decorated in soothing brown and beige tones. I was pleasantly surprised when I showed up for my appointment toting a Groupon.

    I was immediately checked in, and asked to filled out a short form noting the areas I felt pain or discomfort, the level of pressure I wanted, etc. My masseuse Heather appeared shortly.

    She listened as I ran down a laundry list of miscellaneous aches and pains before she left the room so I could undress to my level of comfort (full birthday suit, obviously). The massage itself was a dream. Heather kneaded, rolled, and caressed every knot out of my body.

    I had personal training about two hours before my massage. Heather must have worked out all the lactic acid, because I was not sore at all over the next couple days.

    I appreciate when vendors treat all customers equally, whether or not they came in with a deal. If I remember correctly, their regular, non-Groupon prices are extremely reasonable (about $70 for 60 minutes, and a little over $100 for 90-minute). I will be adding Massage Customs to the repertoire of local spas I love whenever I need a tune-up!
  • Angela I.

    Angela I.

    I booked a massage with Michael and am so glad I did! He was very friendly and very receptive to my problem areas. I left there feeling 100% better and would highly recommend him!
  • Jennifer T.

    Jennifer T.

    I can't say enough good things about this place! Besides the fact that I got lost in the plaza because there are a few other massage places... I can't find anything bad to say about Massage Customs. Thanks to GROUPON, I was able to try Massage Customs. There are a ton of other massage places in Vegas and about a million of the foot reflexology places but I am pretty sure I'll be getting their 6 or 12 month membership soon.

    I've been super stress dealing with nursing school exams, job applications, etc and needed a massage asap. I originally went on Yelp and saw good things about Michelle so I booked an appointment with her. The day before our appointment, she called me to let me know that she's super sick and if I can take an appointment instead. I appreciated her calling me, and giving me another option instead of just having to reschedule for another day. Michelle told me to arrive 10 minutes early to fill out some paperwork.

    Make sure you arrive early! Paperwork isn't long, its only a page but then you also need time to meet your therapist and undress. Michael met me at the front and introduced himself and brought me to a really nicely decorated waiting area. Heather came out to meet me shortly after that.

    I told her to concentrate on my neck and shoulders because I know I have a ton of knots and she did! I told her to use light pressure everywhere else. Heather was very good about asking me if it was enough pressure. I'm pretty sure I dozed off for a second but it was super relaxing. She did an AMAZING job at trying to get the knots out of my neck and shoulders. I had the 90 minute session and I enjoyed every minute of it. Some places will cheat you out of 10-15 minutes but not this place! I was still in a daze/ dream state when I checked out. As soon as I got to the car, I texted my gfs and told them to try Massage Customs and ask for Heather.
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