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  • Heidi R.

    Heidi R.

    I've received massages all over the world. Can you believe the best masseuse is right here is Las Vegas? Her name is Michelle and she has a technique I have never experienced elsewhere. She begins the massage by focusing on your neck and shoulder muscles for a good amount of time. She then moves on to your back and rest of body. My neck and shoulders are always the tightest so I love that she relaxes these first! At the end she returns to the neck and shoulders for any remaining tension. With Michelle I leave feeling like I just had the best massage of my life. Every. Single. Time. She is wonderful! I highly recommend.
  • Teresa T.

    Teresa T.

    The experience was very soothing. The massage therapist was was very thorough and precise. I left feeling very relaxed. The atmosphere was very friendly. I would definitely recommend Heather.
  • Colleen P.

    Colleen P.

    I contacted Massage Customs because I had a terrible tension headache that had lasted 2 days:( Michael O offered to come in early to accommodate an appointment for me. I am pregnant and can not take prescription pain meds for the headache. Michael O made me feel comfortable with his background in prenatal massage as I also have a high risk pregnancy. I left without a headache and the tension melted away. This was my 2nd visit to Massage Customs and both visits were excellent. Thank you!
  • Shanee M.

    Shanee M.

    If anyone is looking for a massage therapist that will heal your SOUL, you have to go here. Michael is seriously the best. I've had four massages from him so far, and everyone of them is better and better than the last. He definitely gets that mind and body are connected; his massage is always geared to how I'm feeling emotionally. Cool, huh?

    Every massage is focused on healing areas of your body that are struggling; normally my back has given me problems, but now that I am exercising more, my legs are the main source of tension.

    The prices are extremely reasonable and I never feel pressured to get add ons. There are also not that many since most everything is included.

    I would say it's an overall relaxing, comfortable, and feel good experience and the consistency is the best. I always know I will leave feeling good (not just physically).
  • Terry D.

    Terry D.

    I just had the most amazing massage from Michael.  It was my first visit to Massage Customs and was so impressed with his professionalism and desire to relieve the knotted muscles in my body.  I am now considering a membership for monthly massages.
  • EJ R.

    EJ R.

    I was looking for a place to go for a therapeutic massage when I had a bad bout of tendinitis in my wrists. Michael was very informed on the topic and knew exactly how to approach the problem. He is very receptive to your needs and makes sure you get exactly what you need out of your massage.

    Needless to say, I'm a repeat customer and would highly recommend Massage Customs to anyone, whether you seek a remedy to a specific ailment or simply want a relaxing experience.
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