We believe that taking an hour or two a couple of times a month can completely change your health and your life. 


By managing stress better and gaining relief from your pain, you can improve performance, attitude, and you can be more focused on your family, friends, the tasks you need to accomplish, your work out routine, and even the customer in front of you.
Michael Ortiz
Let us help you become the BadAss we know you are. 

“The real benefit of massage comes from a change in mindset”

A mindset where you start thinking of you first, but you do that because you want to really help people and really be there for the people you love. Not just wake up and go through the motions.


This is what exercise, eating better, drinking plenty of water, massages and self care do for me.


Our goal is to do that for you. We not only want you to be pain and stress-free, we want to help you do life like the BADASS I know you are!

Michael's Prices

Heather's Prices

Included in every session (if you wish) at this price will be:

Hot towels

Aromatherapy oils

Deep blue rub on an area you choose.

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST), Active Release Technique (ART), Custom massages, or a combo of any of them.